Navigating through COVID-19

As all of you are aware, COVID-19 really stopped many small businesses in their tracks. Government mandates were implemented in the light of public safety that have forced many businesses like our to temporarily close while the infection rate was carefully monitored and effectively reduced. While we're all not in the clear completely, many businesses have found ways to operate under new guidelines that can both ensure the safety of both our customers and those within our walls.

Bordentown Guitar Rescue has implimented the following guidelines effective immediately:

1. Appointments are now required. Due to the nature of this outbreak and the subsequent need to reduce a resurgence, we must schedule appointments to limit customer interactions within our space. Anyone wishing to have any work performed on their instruments must book an appointment either via phone, direct email, or on our Facebook page (preferred). There are limited time slots available, and booked times lots will be strictly adhered to.

2. Hours of operation have temporarily changed. While we pride ourselves in being open 6 days a week in the past, currently we cannot accommodate those hours of operation. For the time being, the shop is only open to the public on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12pm to 4pm respectively.

3. Face coverings (masks) are required by everyone. The CDC's guidelines suggest that the best way to continue safe social interactions of any kind is from behind a face mask or covering. Upon arrival to our shop for your allotted appointment, a protective face covering must be worn. We have to wear them inside, and so do you!

4. Electronic pre-payments are preferred. While many of my customers have already enjoyed the ability to pay for their repair work via PayPal with a quick click of an emailed invoice, a large number of customers are still underutilizing this feature. PayPal cost the customer nothing, especially to check-out as a guest without saving any credentials or signing up for their services. To limit hand-to-hand contact, pre-paying with PayPal is highly suggested & preferred.

Trust me, I know a lot of these new modes of operation seem frustrating, and every business has had to find a way to enforce their own measures of safety in a similar fashion (we now have to Lysol and wipe down instruments before returning them to their cases, not to mention disinfecting the cases!). But considering the alternative (as our business would have been forced to close permanently), this is for the best of everyone involved. We don't know exactly when modes of operation will shift back to the old normal, and they quite possibly may stay for a long time, but as long as we all follow social distancing and adhere to the safety practices described, we will get through this together.

If you or anyone you know has any questions regarding our new modus operandi, please reach out via email or phone call and we'll assist as best as possible. Thank you and stay safe!

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