... We're Back!

Well, technically we never went away for good, but there was a brief vacation a few weeks ago.

... and then there was a fighting off of bronchitis and stave-off of pneumonia...

It's been a long summer so far. We are back to business as usual, and we're cranking out the repairs and builds as fast and efficient as before our little interruption in July.

I'll be dedicating a couple of extra pages to this site in the coming month as well. I figured that it was time to integrate a custom-shop section to show what can be built in-shop and how you can put your musical-instrument budget money to it's best use. We like well-educated customers, and I think our customers appreciate the shared knowledge as well. Stay tuned to the site as we unveil that section shortly.

Lastly we'll be listing some used parts for sale on Reverb in the next few days. Maybe head over there and browse the salvaged selection before dumping loads of cash elsewhere. We might have some vintage Japanese electrics up for grabs too (ok, not "maybe", but definitely)!

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