A Few Pieces of "News"!

Instead of keeping this page labeled as a "Blog", I've decided that the title "News" would serve it better. So, without further delay: welcome to the NEWS section! And now for the first bits of news to share...

Firstly, I am proud to announce that the shop is now carrying Cleartone strings and Ernie Ball strings! These come as an addition to the already successful dealing of D'Addario strings and DR Music strings for the past few years. More brands will follow, but for now offering these 4 major brands in-house should provide our customers with a greater level of offerings and less need to shop else-where or bring one's own strings for repairs.

Second, the shop is currently in the process of phasing out consignment gear COMPLETELY. Effective immediately we will no longer be accepting any items for consignment sale. Further more, the remaining pieces that are currently on the sales floor and on past consignments will be sold until May 30th, 2017. Beginning June 1st, 2017, any items left in-store that were placed on consignment will be removed from the sales floor & returned to the respective owners.

So, why are we phasing this out you may ask? Simple: the showroom has become a showcase for our custom made amps and guitars, and we need the space! Additionally, consignment sales can get messy, and it is more difficult to make everyone happy & keep it lucrative for all parties than selling our own in-house gear.

That's about it for now. Check back regularly and we'll post more details on the shop happenings!

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