Services & Pricing



Typical turn-around time for a standard set-up is approximately 24-hours. Sometimes work is done the same day that the instrument is dropped off. It really depends on the work load & the type of repair that you may need. 


Due to the complexity of stringed instruments & the relationship between the aforementioned and it’s musician, quotes on cost of repair as well as answers to, “How is this fixable?” cannot be accurately provided without having the instrument in-hand. 


There are some exceptions, but please e-mail me or call & leave a message if you have further questions. 


Ready to set up an appointment for a repair to be picked-up or dropped-off? Start by e-mailing me here!


Discount services are available for bulk (educational/commercial) facilities. Just e-mail me and we can set up an account.


Just a few words about warranty work - I do not do warranty work for ANY manufacturer. I have done warranty work in the past (for the big “G” and big “F”, just to name a few) and all it brought to my life was a prolonged wait time for customers and a headache in trying to receive proper compensation for services rendered. If you have a warranty repair and want it done for free, have fun going to another repair shop or retail facility. If you want it done right & fast and are willing to pay a minimal charge for quality work without the risk of shipping damages or extremely long wait times due to excessive paperwork, then I could be your guy. I have been previously certified in my previous employment for almost all of the major brands including Gibson, all Kayman subsidiaries, all Fender subsidiaries, and Taylor (to name a few). 


For any additional inquiries, feel free to call or e-mail me from my contact page.

Any local delivery services within 30 miles add $5 to the total service fee. Any delivery services beyond 30 miles add $7 to the total service fee. Please call to schedule a pick-up/drop-off service for accurate turn-around times.

Please note that the turnaround times posted are approximations and actual times can only be determined in a case-to-case, day-to-day basis.